CTR Easter Trail 2021

Sadly, we cannot hold our usual services this Easter, but we have put together a

trail loosely based on the Stations of the Cross. 

Each church on the map will havea display in their grounds or window. 

You can download the map from this website. 

At each church there will be a poster on which there is a letter for you to

collect. When you have all the letters unscramble them and make a phrase.

ALSO For children there will be a picture and a question to answer

Download a sheet to record their answers..

There is no charge and no prize but just have fun visiting all the different churches

in the Risborough area. The displays will be up from Good Friday 2nd April until

Easter Monday 4th April. 

You don't have to do all the trail at once, make it part of your daily exercise. 

Please stay safe and follow the current government